VÍNO DIOUS - our story

Vino Dious is a charming small winery with low volumes of production but with huge potential for growth. The viticultural life beneath the Small Carpathian Mountains was greatly influenced by the noble Pálffy Family and that is the history with which the winery relates to. We reside in a historical manorial wine cellar from the 17th century, which used to be a part of the Smolenice Castle. Here you can notice old arches that were carefully incorporated into our modern winery facilities. The term ‘Dious’ comes from the ancient name of Horné Orešany village, which was shaped by the Pálffy Family, representing Orešany's traditional quality of wine. This slogan has become our motto. Step by step we purchase new vineyards and in the future we would like to be absolutely self-supplied for our wine production. We perceive this as a necessity, as our goal is to make only quality wines of the highest standards. Our asset is, that we are a new company and we are up-to-date with wine making technology, carefully following current trends and the latest wine equipment.

Controlled fermentation is the standard these days, but gentle processing of grapes using peristaltic technology is quite new to our winemaking process. Quality and quality control are at the first place for us. Our winery passed an important audit also known as the ISO 9001 Certification. Our effort resulted in wines, which are of extraordinary cleanness and strong varietal character. Our assortment of white wines comprises of Rhine Riesling, Welsch Riesling, Grüner Veltliner. Red wines are represented by Cabernet Sauvignon and Blauer Portugieser which are typical for the Orešany region. Regarding the red wines we plan on working with a combination of small and big wooden casks. This means, that micro-oxygenation of wines takes place in large barrels and maturing takes place in the barrique barrels. I am sincerely glad that positive results appeared in the very first year and that you can find wines here which will attract even in the fiercest competition. Presentation of wines always begins in our historical 17th century cellar and we will be happy to welcome you to taste our wines, so that you can find out about their uniqueness for yourself.