National Wine Salon Champion

It is said that fortune favours the brave. The lucky one here is Branislav Fischer, the director of Vino Dious. Behind the formal title, you may remember him from his days with the Janoušek Fischer winery.

Pinot Blanc 2009, Grapes selection, Medium-dry – Best Slovak Wine of 2009 in the category medium-dry, medium-sweet wine.

Terroir Dvory nad Žitavou

This wine presents a strong varietal bread aroma, which is complemented by a light floral scent in the foreground and yellow fruits in the background, followed by mineral tones, which add firmness and attractiveness to the overall bouquet of the wine. The yellow fruits (mango, pineapple) develop along with the mineral firmness. When tasting the wine, you will immediately observe sweetness, at first glance brilliantly combined with the bread aroma. You will then notice the beautiful velvety texture of the wine. Right after you swallow, you can enjoy the sweet yellow fruit aromas, followed by a strong mineral structure, which provides a well-balanced acidity. The end of the flavour, is marked by the yellow fruits, but the bread aroma is returning retro-nasally. The aftertaste is infinitely long. It lingers in the mouth for more than a minute.

Ingenious material, and ingeniously made wine. The oenologist must be complimented for the decision to leave the sugar in the wine. I cannot imagine this wine as a dry version. It would be too terpene. The perfect harmony between alcohol, sugar and acids is enhanced by the aroma character. The wine at this stage of maturity would receive high scores of i. e. 94-95 points, enough to earn a gold medal. The producer recommends pairing the wine with creamy desserts or with various types of cheese. I can imagine the wine also served with a roasted duck and it would surely find its place also as an alternative to the Sauternes.